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About Us

IntroductionHow did our company story begin?

Let me first thank you for letting me have a chance to introduce ourselves to you. We are millennium federal contracting newly established in the field of general civil construction, heavy equipment & logistics services, and electrical & mechanical engineering energy source services, Our company is dedicated to providing the best general civil and engineering services in the kingdom.

Our company keeps pace with the rising needs in civil construction, earthmoving, heavy equipment leasing, electrical, mechanical & energy services works, evolving with the constantly changing requirements of today’s marketplace that may arise through offering the best approach to general civil construction services.

About UsWhat We Promise for Successfull Company

Millennium federal contracting has a well-qualified staff, technical team, supervisors and all working in an organized program to complete projects as per the agreed scheduled time, our company owns a fleet of machinery and some other construction equipment. We always look for better and improved equipment by providing new models to achieve high-quality outcomes, to achieve such goal, we have a well experienced staff & management teams.

We sincerely believe in the future of our company by simply rendered the best possible unique and professional services that is, safe, fast, efficient, and being priced competitively that is second to none, Finally, on behalf of millennium contracting, we thank you for your time, and we are looking forward to hear from you and hopefully building a successful business relationship with you and your company.

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We have advanced skills and ample resources to create large-scale

About UsOur Vision

To be a leading engineering company in General Construction Civil, Heavy Equipment & logistic services, Telecommunication, Electrical, and Mechanical Engineering services and provide the highest level of quality services conforming to international standards, development, socio-economic, and environmentally friendly business ethics.

To build up a proficient and well-organized company in the eye of the customer and be recognized as one of the reputable, safest, and professional companies serving the clients with the highest level of performance to every assignment up to the satisfaction of the concerned parties.

To understand the current and future needs of our clients and striving to meet or exceed their expectation through providing professional services in terms of quality, value, on time performance, safety and respect for the environment. Performing the works with the highest level of integrity, honesty and fairness offering opportunities for success to all in spirit of team works and fair competitions.

To treat our clients, employees, vendors and the public in an ethical, fair and professional way is not only the right thing, but in the long run, it’s the only way to sustain in the business. And ensuring that we create and maintain optimum conditions for the accurate, safe, professional work of our employees while on the job and providing for their personal needs while off.

About UsOur Mission

To be one of the best and most respected General Civil Contracting in our industry as measured by our employees, our customers and our communities by providing all clients with the highest level of services and offering an excellent service oriented with the comprehensive guarantee of satisfaction.

To undertake the General Civil Construction, Heavy Equipment & Logistic Services Telecommunication, Electrical, Mechanical Engineering services & Energy Services in the business with a focus on becoming the cost leadership while excellence in every aspect to meet customer- stringent requirements regarding quality, on-time work delivery, safety and socio-environmental concerns.

To perform to our clients the highest level of quality General Civil Construction services at fair market competitive prices.

To maintain the highest level of Professionalism, Integrity, Honesty, Service Response, Quality Workmanship and Fairness in our relationship with our professional associates and customers.